INV2 1000VA24

INV2 1000VA48 / INV2 1000VA24is a single-phase DC/AC converter (Inverter) whose nominal input voltage is 48VDC / 24VDC and on its outputs gives a clean sine-wave voltage of 230VAC.

It can run as an independent power unit or in parallel with other converters of the same type in order to increase the output power. The nominal output power is 1000VA. The maximum number of units that can be connected in parallel is ten units, which gives the maximum nominal power of the energy plant of 10000VA. Converter performances are robust and allow a great strain on the current (2.5 times greater than the nominal power). Because of this, besides electronic equipment that needs an uninterrupted power supply, devices with the electric motor (household appliances, electrical tools, electric equipment for ships, and the like) can also be connected to it.

This converter is designed for uninterrupted power supply to sensitive electronic equipment in power systems with 24V batteries/ 48V batteries. Because of the low power consumption in idle and greatly allowed overload, it is ideal for use in solar power systems of universal purpose.
Mechanical construction

Inverter’s casing is of the following dimensions: h = 120,5mm, w = 212mm, d = 331,5mm.

The inverter can run as an independent unit or as an AC power source system with several units connected in parallel. Unit (units) have to be plugged in sub-rack for achieving electrical connections. Cross-section and the length of the connecting cables must be designed in accordance with instructions for installation. Converters casing is mechanically customized for mounting in the 19″ rack. For such installation, a sub-rack type BFLV 1002 is provided, which, except for mechanical fixation, has a function of inter-connecting the converter to 24VDC, 230VAC, and signal outputs. Sub rack is designed for a maximum of two converters, and for larger configurations, more sub racks are connected in parallel.

Technical features
  • Sine wave form output voltage (THD ≤ 2%)
  • A high degree of efficiency (92%)
  • Low consumption in idle (6W)
  • Greatly allowed overload (2.5 x P nom)
  • Parallel work without signal synchronization connections
  • Connection and disconnection of parallel units during operation – “HOT SWAP”
  • Undervoltage battery protection
  • Overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Local signaling state of the converter throughout luminous diodes
  • Remote signaling by means of dry relay contacts
  • Mounting in rack with 19″ raster

The accompanying element is the Inverter Subrack.