Aiming to present our production lineup, we have isolated a few top-seller and popular products completely designed and developed in our innovation center.

All of our products implement simple solution elements and are almost with no direct competition on the global market.


INV2 1000VA48 / INV2 1000VA24is a single phase DC/AC converter (Inverter) whose nominal input voltage is 48VDC / 24VDC and on its outputs gives a clean sine-wave voltage of 230VAC.


Subrack for installation in racks or cabinets, and is designed for mechanical fixation of DC/AC converter, and inter-connection of two converter units.

DC distribution unit

Transient current limiting distribution unit, also known as “high-ohmic distribution” is used for power supply of sensitive electronic circuits in telecommunication equipment.

Li-Ion battery modules

Comming soon


Floor fan unit

Floor fan unit is a device
used for forced circulation
of cooled air from the raised
floor in room with telecommunications and
IT equipment.

Desk fan unit

Desk fan unit BMPV
200524 is used for forced air circulation during telecommunication or IT equipment testing on an appropriate test desk.