Desk fan unit

Desk fan unit BMPV 200524 is used for forced air circulation during telecommunication or IT equipment testing on an appropriate test desk.

Some equipment is tested while working, in which case there is a heat dissipation issue of the tested equipment.
Because tested equipment is not installed in the system with forced air circulation, as it is during normal operation, there has to be forced air circulation to simulate the normal working system conditions.
Airflow velocity is regulated by turning potentiometer on the right side of the ventilation unit.

Regulation is continuously adjustable 0%-100% of airflow.

Mechanical design

Unit housing dimensions: w x l x h = 450 mm x 310 mm x 80 mm
Unit housing is made of galvanized steel.

Technical specification
  • Nominal voltage : 24 Vdc
  • Maximum input current: 1 A
  • Air flow (max) = 650 m3/h
  • Air flow regulation: 0-100%;