Floor fan unit

The floor fan unit is a device used for forced circulation of cooled air from the raised floor in a room with telecommunications and IT equipment. Usually, the cooled air from a central air conditioner is pushed into the space below the raised floor, and through the holes cowered with grids of the double floor into space with equipment. The amount of air that passes through holes with grids is determined by size and number of holes with grids, fan power central air conditioners, and distance from the air conditioner. The floor fan unit is mounted in front of the cabinet ( server cabinet ), which has installed equipment with increased heat dissipation, and can not be sufficiently cooled by air from the central air conditioner.

The floor fan unit is also used for increased ventilation, respectively, cooling parts of the server room that are far from the central air conditioner. Unit BMPV 20248 -the unit consists of two integral components:
– SXAV 12075 = Gratings with slant louvers to direct air, whose external dimensions correspond to the dimension of the double floor plates.

– BMPV 202048/1 = fan bellhop on which are mounted two fans and a control unit for fan speed control.
Fan speed is regulated by a five positional rotary switch, which allows switching on/off fan and change of fan speed in steps of 25 % (0-25 % – 50 % – 75 % – 100 %).

Fan speed is indicated by four blue LEDs on the chassis of the control unit.

Mechanical design

Unit dimension: l x w x h = 596 mm x 596 mm x 154 mm

Constructed from steel and protected with a method of powder coating (grey RAL 7035).

Technical specification
  • Supply voltage: 48 Vdc
    (36Vdc – 57Vdc)
  • Maximum input current: 2,4 A (57Vdc)
  • Airflow: 0 – 1600m3/h, gradually regulated 0-100%
  • Speed signalization: locally on the front panel of the speed regulator via LEDs